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Welcome to Ghost Truth

The Brown Lady ghost image

Easily one of the most famous ghost pictures is that of the "Brown Lady" from Norfolk England

Hi and welcome to the Ghost Truth blog.

On this blog we’ll look at ghosts and other supernatural phenomena and try to make sense of it.  We’ll look at any evidence and evaluate it from a consistent world view.  Let me say this, I do believe in supernatural phenomena.  That’s not to say that I think every ghost sighting is legitimate.  But even so I don’t think you can dismiss them all out of hand.

I do believe there are things in this world we cannot scientifically explain.  That is not to say there is never any scientific evidence for these events but only that there isn’t a final or authoritative explanation for the things seen and measurements taken.  Hopefully we’ll find some answers and help make sense of what we see in a way that is consistent with the world we find around us.  You may not always agree with the conclusions I’ve drawn or what I’ve decided but keep an open mind and see what might be.


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